Kabuki Sunrise

Session 1 23/01/16

Where is the Internet?

For the past few days the residents of the Kabuki House residential block have been suffering the indignity of having no Network access. As most facilities require Network access to function, this was highly inconvenient.

On numerous occasions, various residents of the block attempted to contact Mr Ishida, in person, which in itself was unusual, however there was no success. Growing tired of this inconvenience some residents decided to hold a meeting in the communal room, inviting others to attend that evening at 8pm.

During the meeting it was decided that, since no-one had been able to contact Mr Ishida, they would take matters into their own hands, by trying to access the server room.

Before the plan of action could be implemented, a loud commotion was heard outside. As everyone stood up to see what was happening, the door burst open. In the doorway stood two gangers holding guns, with more further down the corridor.


Spotting Mr Ishida in the background, beaten and bloodied, Suzuki Swift swooped into action putting a round square in the chest of the first intruder, before ducking for cover. Once the shock passed, the other occupants of the room also sought cover, all except Reynard, the fox faced fixer. During an exchange of gunfire, one of the gangers moved into the room and took cover.

Seeing Reynard get stuck in the shoulder, overwhelmed by his nurturing nature, Dr Matsushita sprints into the middle of the action, withdrawing Reynard from the midst of battle.

Hearing the pandemonium downstairs, Wheels Brady took notice, and made his way downstairs. Rounding the corner he came face to face with a pair of Havoc Stick wielding attackers

Realising that their associates had encountered some resistance, 2 of the remaining gangers approached the centre of the action, and joined the fray. the first assailant moved into a new position, to get a clear shot at Reynard, and Dr Matsushita, only to be rewarded by getting his mind blown… all over the wall.


Meandering_Shade MrPedantic

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